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Guitarist, composer, arranger and conductor Elisa Miconi brings her infinite passion for music on stage.
Here you can stay up to date on her latest developments and find examples of her musical work.


Behind The Scenes With Elisa

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"I remember when my dad used to take me in his arms and hold me while music was playing in the background. I was not even 12 months old, and I would wake my parents up at night and not go back to sleep until they let me listen to music. I've wanted to make music my field of study and profession since I was a child. It's been a hard goal to achieve, as sometimes being a musician is not exactly what parents would want for their child, but I've always been strong enough to keep my passion alive and never stop trying to make my dream come true. Nothing feels as wonderful and pleasant as the satisfaction of turning everything you've always dreamt about into your reality, and with your own hands."

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“Though she be but little, she is fierce”

William Shakespeare



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