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Teaching and Performing Artist

Your interests, your goals, your lessons!

My private lessons are built on and for the students' profile. Everyone picks the guitar up, or wants their children to do so, for different reasons. I always listen carefully to what those reasons are, ask students which interests and goals they have, and plan personalized lessons to help them nurture those interests and reach those goals.
Would you like to take guitar lessons but don't want to do it on a one on one setting? This is the right place for you too! Bring your friends, colleagues, spouse, kids with you. Price for group lessons is $30 per person. Must book for 2 or more.
If none of the provided times works with your schedule, please get in touch. I offer different times upon request.
I started giving lessons 8 years ago, and I have experience teaching private guitar lessons to children and adults of various skill levels and genre preferences. I have studied classical and multi-stylistic modern guitar (nylon string, steel string and electric) and I have been performing in rock, pop, jazz and musical theatre gigs for over a decade. Over the years, I have developed good versatility, which allows me to come up with detailed and personalized lesson plans in several styles, from classical music and finger-style guitar, to blues, jazz, rock and other popular genres.

I enjoy all aspects of teaching. I like giving lessons and advice, motivating and helping students so that they can get the most out of a lesson, in a one on one as well as in a classroom environment. If I find myself unprepared in front of students’ questions, I do my best to provide a satisfactory answer. I like being challenged and conducting further research about what my students would like to know. I love working with people of all ages, from children to adults, and with different goals in music. My ultimate goal and best reward is hearing students thanking me for having been able to help them achieve the goals they had in mind and/or find happiness, personal satisfaction and realization through the instrument.


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Boston, MA, USA

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